Johan Henrik Lorentz

Johan Henrik Lorentz, or Lorentzen , 1763-1818, was a Danish harpist and composer. Lorentz got his first music formation from the talented musicians of Jenen at Haderslev, from where most of the students followed to the Royal Chappelle. Lorentz was admitted there originally as a violin student. In 1786, following his successful concerts as harpist in Copenhagen, he became a harpist there as well, following Johann Andreas Kirchhoff, who was one of a number of German virtuosi players employed at the Royal Opera House in Copenhagen in the 18th century. In 1797, he was appointed permanent musician, and continued playing till his death in the Danish Court, and also played the harpsichord at the Kastelskirken. Lorentz composed mainly for the harp, though most of his compositions were not published. His style is typical of his time. He published his arrangements and his original compositions regularly in musical magazines.

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