Our Label

In 2004 Rachel Talitman created her independent label Harp&Co, with her soloist friends, aiming to instigate mainly first recording of the harp repertory. The discography of Harp&Co is varied and original, covering different unknown register – concertos, chamber music and recitals.

Several composers dedicated compositions for Rachel Talitman and her friends:

Jean-Michel Damase  – Concerto for bassoon and harp, De l’Ombre à la lumière-for trumpet and harp, Hallucinations- for viola and harp.  Bernard Andrès  – Le Seigneur des Amin-Concerto for harp and orchestra. Michel Lysight – Chronographies X . Hans Lamal    – Trias Concerto for flute, bassoon and harp. Anthony Girard   -Voyage au Gré des Illusions-Double concerto for violin and harp. Robert Grolot   -Poème Secret, Anna Segal – CD, including Concertino for Harp,Clarinet ans strings.  Noam Sheriff, Joseph Bardanashvili, Yoram Meyuchas  –  For solo Flute and Harp. The Belgian composers Nicolas Meunier, and Benjamien Lycke dedicated for her quintet for flute, violin, viola cello and harp. The German composer Dirk Michael Kirsch dedicated for her Two Impromptus for Harp Solo.The british composer Paul Lewis Concerto Romantico for harp and Orchestra.     

Harp&Co got the Golden Label 2014-2015 from http://www.klassiek-centraal.be/ for the cd harp recital Hasselmans, and Rachel Talitman Life  Career Prize in 2017.

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